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  1. Hello : I am interested in having a track built similar to the one you did for Steve Beaver . 5×9 slight banking 4 lanes . I need it to be in 2 sections so I can get it in my basement. If you can give me a cost estimate if shipping is an option or do I need to pick up ? Thanks Felice ( Felix) Glorioso

  2. Greetings Chris,

    My name is Michael Switzer and I live in Terre Haute. I am starting to get interested in thinking of having a track put in a building I have for some extra revenue and fun for guys to hang out to race.

    I am pretty new to trying to get something like this built and was wondering how much it costs. The building is 30×35 open garage.

    Thanks for any info you can give me. Is it better to build or buy one already built?

    Sincerely and God Bless


  3. I’m interested in a slot car track-i have a 10×20 space-thinking 3 or 4 lanes-do you have any tracks that would fit-can you give me an idea of cost.

  4. Hi chris .. I live in the buffalo Ny area. I grow up in the 60s and 70s racing slot cars. I have an area in my house that could accommodate a 30’ x 20’ track. I have some analog 1/24 cars. Do you build tracks.

    Thanks Frank

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